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Age Stock Price Quantity Buy Now
2022 October236$1.00
2022 September4341$2.00
2022 August5$4.00
2022 July16$6.00
2022 June42$8.00
2022 May217$10.00
1900 January1448$3,093.00
Age: 2022 October $1.00 $1.00
Age: 2022 September $2.00 $1.50
Age: 2022 August $4.00 $3.00
Age: 2022 July $6.00 $4.50
Age: 2022 June $8.00 $6.00
Age: 2022 May $10.00 $7.50
Age: 1900 January $3,093.00 $2,209.50

What is Age and Karma?

When you buy a Reddit Account with Karma, the value of the Reddit Account is dictated by its Age and the amount of Karma it has. Below we will explain what this means and why it matters.

Age - This is the most straightforward statistic that we look at. The older a Reddit Account is, the more valuable it becomes.

Karma - Karma is the equivalent of likes/dislikes that you see on many other social media platforms. Karma is basically the sum of upvotes and downvotes that a Reddit Account has received. The thing that makes Reddit unique is that Reddit differientiates between Karma you received on Posts/Submissions and Comments, called Post Karma and Comment Karma respectively.

Why does this all matter? Well most Subreddits on Reddit have Age and Karma requirements that you need to meet before you can participate in the discussions. In addition, the more Age and Karma a Reddit Account has, the more it is perceived as reputable by other Redditors. We have written an article about Why You Should Buy Reddit Accounts if you are interested in learning more about this topic.

After Buying Your Reddit Accounts

When your receive your Reddit Account you might be tempted to immediately change the credentials like the email address and the password. Because you want to secure your new Reddit Account right?

While we do recommend to eventually change the email address and password of the Reddit Accounts you buy, we do not recommend to do it immediately. The reason for this is that the Reddit Account might become banned or suspended because you are signing in using a new IP, which is not associated with the Reddit Account yet.

Use a VPN

First of all, we recommend you to use a VPN when signing into your Reddit Account. Avoid constantly switching IPs. You should use the same IP each time you sign in. If you bought multiple Reddit Accounts use a separate IP address for each account.

Enable 2FA

We recommend you to enable Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) instead of changing the email address or password. 2FA allows you to make sure that only you can access the Reddit Account while leaving the email address and password unchanged (for now).

Warm-Up Your Accounts

After you have enabled 2FA we recommend you to warm-up your Reddit Accounts. What do we mean by "warming-up" your Reddit Account? Well, sign into the Reddit Account and just start using it as if it was yours all along. Generate some activity that gets picked up by Reddit's analytics. Just browse through the website. Scroll the pages, click on submissions, profiles etc. Start subscribing to Subreddits and act like a real Reddit user.

Change Credentials

After a few days of warming-up the Reddit Account we recommend you to change your email address and password. If you are struggling with steps in this process, feel free to visit our FAQ Page or Contact Us.

Extra Information

Reddit Account Details are updated multiple times a day and are accurate. There might be instances where there is a small discrepancy between the karma displayed in the table above and what you will see after logging into your Reddit Account. This is completely normal and is known as "Karma Fuzzing"; a security feature of Reddit.