How to get karma on Reddit

How to get karma on Reddit

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5 min read

How to get karma on Reddit

"Karma" on Reddit refers to how much goodwill and approval you've earned from other users. It's a measure of your contributions to the site, and it can be used to unlock certain abilities or privileges. For example, you need a certain amount of karma to create your own subreddit. So how do you get karma? Here are some tips...


Find a niche subreddit and become an active member - comment on posts, start discussions, and add value to the community

Reddit is a great platform to establish yourself as an authority on a specialized topic. To build up your Reddit Karma, try to find a particular niche subreddit that suits your interests and become an active member. Comment regularly on posts, start conversations, and add value to the community with helpful information or unique perspectives on the topics discussed. You’ll be gaining karma in no time; just like whatever items you purchase online, without having to worry about shipping fees!

Meme or Animal subreddits

If you want a more general approach to gaining karma on Reddit, you can also use subreddits that focus on memes or animal pictures. These types of subreddits are great for quickly building up your karma, since they are one of the most used subreddits. Plus, Reddit’s ever-growing sense of humor ensures that these popular topics will always offer something new and exciting.

Big meme subreddits: (February 2023)

Subreddit name Members 
r/Funny 47,129,544
r/Aww 33,133,123
r/Memes 24,040,544

When leaving comments in such subreddits, make sure that you're offering something valuable and/or unique to the conversation. Oftentimes, users simply post generic reactions like "lol" or "cool", which won't get you any karma points. To maximize your efforts, try to provide insightful observations, funny reactions, or critiques demonstrating your knowledge of the topic. You can also link to relevant articles or other sources of information if they help elaborate on your point.

Example of a funny comment on a Subreddit
Image 1: Example of a funny comment on the subreddit Askreddit


In addition, don't be afraid to participate in wider conversations by replying to comments made by others. This will show that you're actively engaged in the community and willing to contribute more than just one-liners or simple jokes. It's also important not to spam the subreddit with excessive posts or too many similar comments; this will only lead other users to view you negatively and ultimately decrease your potential karma gains.


Lastly, it never hurts to try posting some creative memes or funny animal photos yourself! If they catch the attention of other users who appreciate them, then they could result in a large number of upvotes and a huge boost in earned karma. Just remember not to overdo it – moderation is key when it comes making sure your Reddit activity isn’t viewed as annoying or intrusive by other members of the community!

High Karma Meme

Image 2: An example of a highly upvoted meme on r/Memes

Post interesting and engaging content that other users will want to upvote

Whether you’re looking to boost your Reddit Karma, or simply make friends in the virtual world, posting interesting and engaging content is a sure-fire way to get all the upvotes. Keep an eye out for trending topics and hottest news of the day. Try to find creative ways of presenting them for maximum engagement. As always, stay active - comment on other people's posts to drum up conversation and build relationships with other users. And if all else fails, why not purchase a few Karma-loaded accounts? A little investment can go a long way here!

Be helpful and friendly to other users - answer questions, give advice, and be a generally good person

If you're looking to rack up some karma on Reddit, being helpful and friendly to other users is essential. Whether it's answering questions, offering advice, or just finding ways to spread the positivity, your kindness will be greatly appreciated. Plus - if you want to take a shortcut on your journey towards Reddit fame - you can always skip the hard work of building karma from scratch and just purchase an account with lots of reputation already under its belt. It might not be as rewarding as doing it yourself, but hey - sometimes there's nothing wrong with taking the easy way out!

Follow the rules of each subreddit - if you break the rules, your posts will be downvoted and you could be banned from the community

Following a subreddit's rules is like playing a game – you might get bonus points for creative ideas or sharing cool content, but if you break the rules, you’ll face a penalty. So mind the rules on Reddit – it's one way to ensure your posts get upvoted and you preserve a good standing in the community. Breaking the rules could even lead to getting banned, and that would be like refereeing yourself out of the game.

PS: Also read this blog post on How to evade a Reddit ban!

Don't spam or post irrelevant content - this will only annoy other users and get you downvoted

Trying to make crazy amounts of Karma by any means necessary on Reddit? Well, forget about your wild dreams and take a chill pill! Posting irrelevant or spammy content will only cause you to get downvoted faster than one can say "Karma." Sure, sure, you could be the exception to this rule. But since that's extremely unlikely - why not take a smarter approach and improve your chances for success? Spend your time carefully crafting well-thought-out posts that are tailored toward Reddit’s audience: timely, interesting, and fun. In a hurry?, Just purchase one of our pre-farmed accounts to save yourself the hassle!

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