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Why Should You Buy Reddit Accounts?

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Perhaps you have heard about people buying or selling Reddit accounts and you might be wondering what their reason is. This article explains what the benefits are of buying a Reddit account and the things you should take into consideration while looking for an account to buy.

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What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a massive community platform website that launched in 2005 and is currently one of the most popular websites in the world. The platform is made up of communities who are active on different user-made boards, known as Subreddits. These Subreddits are usually centered around a certain topic. Users can subscribe to the ones that they find interesting. And contribute to them by submitting posts (text, images, videos) and interacting by placing comments. 

The ability to easily join these Subreddits and become part of their communities is what makes Reddit unique as a social media website. No matter how niche your topic is; chances are that there is an existing Subreddit for it. Which makes it an interesting platform for Digital Marketeers. 


How Large is Reddit?

Reddit is a very popular website. The statistics below will you give you a sense of how large it really is:

  • 52 million daily active users
  • 430 million monthly active users
  • Top 10 most popular social media apps
  • 49% of users are from the US
  • 24% of the adults in the US are active on Reddit
  • Over 100 thousand unique Subreddits

Sources: Reddit, Statista, WSJ


Variety of Subreddits

As explained in the intro, Reddit is made up of different Subreddits which are usually related to a specific topic. These topics can be very broad or very niche. Usually, the broader a subject is the more users the Subreddit has. 

For example; let's say you are a car enthusiast or are a marketeer who wants to target car enthusiasts. You could join the r/cars subreddit which has 3.2 million users. Perhaps you are more interested in BMWs. There is also an r/BMW Subreddit with 266 thousand users. You could go even deeper and join one about a specific BMW model, like r/E90 which has 19.1 thousand users. There are currently over 100 thousand Subreddits that you can join!


New User Restrictions

Well up until this point it sounds very great, right? Just go ahead and sign up for a new account and start sharing your content in the relevant communities! Well, wrong! You see, most of the Subreddits on Reddit are user-created and maintained by Moderators. Moderators are usually users who have created the Subreddit or have joined the Moderator team later on. They usually make sure that the content posted on the Subreddit is relevant to the central topic and try to keep the Subreddit free of spam. 

Larger Subreddits get so many submissions from users that it becomes hard to check every post made to the Subreddit. For this reason, many Subreddits choose to implement rules to filter out most of the spam, which is often created by new users. This might be because someone intents to post spam and creates a new fresh account, however often it is because new users are not familiar with the general rules on these Subreddits or Reddit as a whole, also known as the Reddiquette. 

Thus many Moderator teams decide to restrict new users from posting on their Subreddit. You often see that they require Reddit accounts to be at least X months old, have Y amount of Comment Karma, and Z amount of Post Karma. If an Account does not meet the age, comment Karma or post karma requirements, its posts will automatically be deleted. 


Karma is basically the sum of the likes and dislikes a user has received. A distinction is made between the likes received on comments and posts. 


The frustrating part about using a fresh Reddit Account is that it becomes very hard to gain Karma because you are restricted from posting at almost 100% of the large Subreddits. Even if you manage to gain enough Karma, oftentimes there is still the age requirement.


Benefits Of Old Reddit Account With Karma

The large advantage of old Reddit Accounts is they are not constrained by these restrictions. In addition, the account will be perceived as more reputable because of its age and Karma. When you post a submission or comment, other users will usually check your account to assess how trustworthy you might be. If your account is fresh and has low amounts of Karma, other users will usually be critical of you. 

This is especially a problem if you are trying to promote a product/service in a Subreddit that is relevant to your Target Audience. That's why people and companies often decide to just buy a Reddit Account.


Buying Old Reddit Accounts

An easy solution for these restrictions is to buy a Reddit Account that is aged and has enough Karma. At Viralboost we offer a wide variety of Reddit Accounts. Ranging from 1-month-old Accounts with a few hundred Karma, to Accounts that are over a year old and have tens of thousands of Karma. 

It is important to decide what type of Account you want based on restrictions or trustworthiness. Often times companies decide to build a campaign using multiple Accounts to prevent reaching submission limits.


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