Biggest subreddits (updated in 2022)

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 Biggest subreddit 2022

Reddit has a lot of subreddits at the moment of writing there are: 3494442 total subreddits in existence, that is a lot of content! But not all of these subreddits are active. But which reddits are the biggest subreddits of them all?

According to Subredditstats: the following subreddits have the most subscribers

Biggest subreddits of 2022


Rank Name

Subscriber count

1 r/Funny


2 r/AskReddit 35,663,528
3 r/Gaming 32,857,162
4 r/Aww 31,429,723
5 r/Music 29,930,131
6 r/Pics 29,114,228
7 r/Worldnews 28,227,913
8 r/Movies 27,120,631
9 r/Todayilearned 27,699,970
10 r/Science 27,547,505
11 r/Videos 26,441,079
12 r/Showerthougts 24,762,979
13 r/News 24,718,905
14 r/Jokes 23,177,089
15 r/Askscience 22,528,843
16 r/Food 22,520,855



Gain Karma

Above subreddits are a good place to rake up some Karma for your account, a higher karma level means a more trusted account. With karma you can also bypass certain restrictions on subreddits. For example. R/aww requires you to have at least 3000 comment karma in order to make a post. Acquiring 3000 comment karma can take months

Drive traffic

The biggest subreddits mentioned above can also be a good source of organic traffic for your personal reddit, website or social media. A commonly used tactic to funnel traffic is to post pictures of cute animals in R/aww to drive traffic to your profile. With a continuous online member count of around 20.000 Redditors you can easily get hundreds of organic visitors per post. The downside is that you need at least 3000 comment karma in order to post on R/aww. 

Bypass karma restrictions

We understand that you don't want to spend your valuable time gaining Karma. It is a long and boring process that can take months depending on your effort. Luckily we have a solution, we are selling accounts with all amounts of karma. 

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