Understanding Reddit's New Contributor Program: Earn Real Cash for Your Content

Understanding Reddit's New Contributor Program: Earn Real Cash for Your Content

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Reddit will allow users to earn ‘real money’ with new Contributor Program. Here's what you should know

Reddit, the bustling hub of internet discussion, has taken a leap towards rewarding its community members with real cash through its newly introduced Contributor Program. This, coupled with changes to the existing Reddit Gold system, marks a significant shift in how the platform values its content creators. Here's a breakdown of what these changes entail and how you can benefit from them.

How to check if you qualify for Reddit's Contributor program

Reddits qualification terms for the contibutor program as seen on the program page

To ascertain your eligibility for Reddit's Contributor Program, you'll need to evaluate your circumstances against several criteria laid out by Reddit. Here's how you can check if you qualify:

  1. Age and Legal Capacity:

    • Ensure you are at least 18 years old or meet the minimum age requirement for entering into binding contracts as per the laws of your country of residence.

  2. Sanctions and Embargoes:

    • Check that neither you nor your employer are subject to any economic or trade sanctions, embargoes, export restrictions, or listed on any roster of prohibited or restricted parties. Also, ensure that you are not residing in, or a citizen of, a country that is subjected to such restrictions.

  3. Political Associations:

    • Confirm that you are not an elected or appointed government official, a political candidate, a part of a political action committee or similar political fundraising organization, or a representative of a government agency or department.

  4. Compliance with Reddit Policies:

    • Make sure you have not breached, or are not attempting to breach, any of Reddit's agreements or policies such as the User Agreement, Premium and Virtual Goods Agreement, Previews Terms of Use, Contributor Terms, or any other relevant terms and conditions.

  5. Eligible Contributor Requirements:

    • Review the Reddit Contributor Monetization Policy to understand and ensure that you satisfy all the Eligible Contributor requirements.

  6. Provision of Contributor Info:

    • Provide the necessary Contributor Info as requested by Reddit. If Reddit determines that the information you provided disqualifies you from participating, you would not be eligible for the Contributor Program.

By thoroughly reviewing and aligning with these criteria, you can check whether you qualify for the Reddit Contributor Program.

What Is Reddit's Contributor Program?

The Reddit Contributor Program is a fresh initiative that opens up a pathway for active community members to earn real-world money for their contributions. Unlike the existing Reddit Gold system, which revolves around gifting Reddit coins to appreciate quality content, this program takes a step further by allowing qualifying redditors, including moderators, to monetize their eligible contributions.

Reddit users who meet certain eligibility criteria can now see their engagement on the platform translating into financial rewards. This exciting change not only honors the time and effort put into creating quality content but also encourages a high standard of discourse and sharing within the community.

The program is designed in a way that the more valuable the contribution, the higher the potential to earn money. It shifts from the earlier model of virtual appreciation to a more tangible form of recognition, which could be motivating for eligible users.

While Reddit coins still hold a place for recognizing and celebrating engaging content, the Contributor Program adds a new layer to the Reddit experience. It acknowledges that the effort invested in nurturing discussions, sharing insights, or moderating meaningful conversations holds a real-world value.

The eligibility criteria ensure that the rewards are directed towards those who have a positive impact on the community, thus promoting a culture of quality content and meaningful interaction.

In a nutshell, the Reddit Contributor Program enriches the platform's ecosystem by providing a financial incentive, fostering a community where quality content creators are rewarded for their genuine contributions.

Understanding KYC for Contributors

KYC For reddits new program

The verification process, also known as Know Your Customer (KYC), is a crucial step for those interested in becoming contributors, especially with the launch of the new gold system. This process checks if you meet the eligibility requirements needed to start earning through Gold and Karma from your posts, comments, and other contributions on the platform. It's a straightforward way to ensure that only genuine and active members get to benefit from this rewarding opportunity. So, as you engage more and deliver quality, you come closer to reaping the financial rewards that Reddit now offers to its dedicated community.

How to Earn Cash Via Reddit's Contributor Program

Reddit gold into real money, with an enhanced payout rate

Once you've verified your eligibility and enrolled in the Program, you can start earning money based on the karma and gold you receive on your eligible contributions. The earnings will be calculated monthly, and payments will be made on a monthly basis as well.

Earning Money on Reddit

Earning money on Reddit has now become more straightforward with the Contributor Program. By making valuable contributions to the platform and engaging with the community, you can earn real money, making Reddit not just a place for vibrant discussions, but also a platform for monetizing your content.

Changes to Reddit Gold

Alongside the Program, Reddit has also revamped its Gold system to simplify the process of awarding content. Now, by long pressing the upvote icon on mobile (or hovering over it on desktop), redditors can directly award gold to the posts or comments they appreciate. This streamlined process comes with a suite of six gold awarding options, making gilding more accessible and straightforward.

Reddit Contributor Programme

The Reddit Contributor Program and the changes to Reddit Gold are steps towards recognizing and rewarding the efforts of the community. These monetization features reflect a significant shift in how Reddit values its user-generated content, creating new opportunities for redditors to earn from their contributions.

When and how to be eligible for Reddit's Contributor Program?

Eligibility for the Reddit Contributor Program requires you to be 18 years old or over, residing in a supported location (initially the United States), and having an account in good standing. Additionally, buying established Reddit accounts can also make you eligible quickly, with platforms like Viralboost.io, which has hundreds of verified reviews, being a reliable source for this purpose. However, it's important to remember that while this may provide a shortcut to eligibility, the genuine essence of community engagement on Reddit should remain a priority.

How Much Can I Earn with the Reddit Contributor Program?

The earning potential in the Reddit Contributor Program is structured around two tiers - Contributor and Top Contributor, based on the karma earned over the last 12 months and the gold received. Here's a breakdown of how much you can earn within these tiers:

Top Contributor Tier:

  • If you have amassed 5000 or more karma over a 12-month period, you fall into this tier.

  • In this tier, the payout rate is $1.00 for every gold you receive.

  • However, a minimum of 10 gold is required to receive a payout.

Contributor Tier:

  • If your karma ranges between 100 to 4999 over the past 12 months, you qualify as a Contributor.

  • Contributors earn at a rate of $0.90 for every gold awarded to them.

  • Similar to the Top Contributor tier, a minimum of 10 gold is necessary to be eligible for a payout.

Non-contributor Tier:

  • If you have between 0 to 99 karma, you fall into the Non-contributor tier.

  • Unfortunately, there is no payout for this tier, but the balance rolls over, which could be beneficial once you move into a higher tier.


Your earnings are essentially a product of the payout rate multiplied by the number of eligible gold you have received. So, for instance, if you're a Top Contributor and receive 20 gold, you'd earn $20 (20 gold x $1.00 per gold). Conversely, as a Contributor with the same amount of gold, you'd earn $18 (20 gold x $0.90 per gold).

This structured tier system incentivizes active participation and valuable contributions to the Reddit community, with higher earnings for those who engage more and provide content that resonates with other redditors.

Can i earn money with the Reddit contributor program as NSFW model?

NSFW Reddit

Sexual content is strictly prohibited from the contributor program, at the start monetization will only be enabled on select communities, as the platform matures more communities will be onboarded on this new gold system



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