How to use Reddit for Crypto marketing

How to use Reddit for Crypto marketing

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5 min read

How to use Reddit for crypto marketing

 Reddit Crypto promotion

Reddit is like the Gold Rush of internet-based marketing, with a whopping 50 million daily users ready to stampede at any moment. It's been around since 2005 and has grown exponentially in popularity - no wonder it's become known as 'the front page of the internet!' Crypto projects are especially successful on Reddit, so why not take advantage?

Get savvy about using Reddit for crypto today – you'll be glad you did!

Reddit stands apart from other social networks with two defining features. Firstly, this platform is driven by community engagement; users are able to collaborate and share meaningful dialogue in a way not offered elsewhere.

Secondly, Reddit offers its user unparalleled levels of anonymity - there's no need for personal details or even an avatar photo when creating your profile! Snoo – the friendly alien-like bear mascot – greets all new members as they join their respective subreddits for shared conversations on any topic you can imagine.

Reddit can be the perfect platform to advertise and promote a product, such as a crypto project. The site contains numerous targeted communities or "subreddits" that congregate around various topics of interest.

Utilizing these specialized forums ("Subreddits")  allows for more precise targeting than what is possible with other forms of marketing - creating the perfect environment for marketing crypto projects.

But not so fast…

Before diving into the vast Reddit platform, first take a look to get familiar with what it offers. Afterwards you can start joining relevant communities related to crypto, blockchain and NFTs if these are topics of interest for you. Learn about upvotes and downvotes as well as how OP's earn Karma so that your experience is optimized for maximum engagement!

How to use reddit?

To achieve success, focus on giving before taking. Engage with the conversation around you—comment and vote in order to gain credibility and build trust within your community. Doing this will help cultivate a positive Karma score for yourself so that others see what value you bring!

You’ll earn Karma for being active while contributing the community gathered around an interest – the subreddits. Karma is a way of rating an account. The more active, the more karma you’ll get and your username will grow an authority. That is why you need to be active, and contribute in subreddits you’ve joined.

There are above 100.000 active subreddits about almost anything. Just search for a subject you’re interested in and you’ll get a list of related subreddits you may want to join.

Subreddits are a dedicated space for topics of conversation, where moderation is key and rules need to be followed. It's important that users familiarize themselves with each subreddit's terms outlined in the sidebar before participating in any discussion.

In general Reddit hates ads!

Subreddits can be a great place to promote your link, but only if you take the time to add value and engage with users. Advertising of any kind is strictly against rules - success requires smartness as well as careful consideration for community members.

If just trying to promote your stuff you may get “shadow banned” and you’ll not even know. It is a reward to the spammer, as it would seem as if everything’s working normally, can still comment/submit normally, but to the rest of Reddit they will be invisible, and their votes don’t count. To be sure on the safe side learn more about shadow ban on the official subreddit r/ShadowBan and check if you’re banned. You can appeal if not guilty.

Reddit rules are the reason why most people fail trying to sell something. This makes Reddit uncharted territory for most marketers who prefer paid advertising, unaware of the potential. And the potential is enormous.

Most subreddits have hundreds of thousands members if not millions. You don’t get this large targeted audience at one place anywhere else. Some of the largest and most active subreddits are in crypto space.

Reddit is perfect place to join like minded people interested in same subjects. If you are interested in crypto, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, trading or NFTs just write in the search box and will get the list of results:

Next thing is to join subreddits. Some of them have millions of users.

Make sure you join those that are related to your project. If you’re crypto trader, you may want to join r/Binance or r/Crypto, r/CryptoCurrency or some other. Maybe a subreddit for a specific crypto blockchain.

This is just a brief on how to use Reddit.

Creating a strategy on how to use Reddit for crypto marketing will require a few steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Get familiar with Reddit
  3. Find and join relevant subreddits
  4. Engage community
  5. Share your own content
  6. Analyse engagements and results
  7. Build your own subreddit

Create an account on Reddit

Wanna be a Reddit superstar? Well then, sign up with your email credentials and you'll get the VIP treatment - think of it as getting backstage passes. Choose an epic username to represent yourself while rocking out (and if you want, switch it up whenever). Don't forget to customize your avatar too! Finally take center stage by crafting a profile description that everyone will remember...unless one account is enough for now; but rest assured- eventually more accounts may come in handy when amping up marketing.

Get familiar with how Reddit works

If you're looking to get familiar with Reddit, join a couple of subreddits and start exploring! Read posts, leave comments - just make sure your behaviour follows the specific rules for each subreddit. You'll quickly learn that it's not all about scrolling through content; members are asking questions in AMAs (Ask Me Anything), gaining karma points by curating popular content or moderating their own corner on Reddit...all while getting up close and personal with any crypto-related projects that catch your interest.

Engage in subreddits

Start your day right by taking a few moments to maximize Reddit activity and get some karma points! Comment on other members' posts, upvote them where appropriate and make sure you're engaging in the subreddits that suit your interests. Don't be too quick to promote yourself - take time before jumping straight into self-promotion. With patience comes wealth; as engagement grows with users commenting, so do those valuable likes or upvotes (which helps when it's time for writing that first post). Make sure this debut is descriptive but also adds value; adding an image never hurts either! As things progress pay attention - if responses are positive then you know what works well which will come handy one day soon enough when establishing your very own subreddit dedicated solely for crypto related projects.


To bring your marketing efforts a step further do a few more things :

  • share and repurpose your Reddit content for other social media
  • use several Reddit accounts instead of only one
  • outsource your Reddit marketing to a reliable marketing company (like us!)

You can always figure out creative ideas for posts and interests on subreddits. Its targeted audience makes Reddit ideal for marketing.


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